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Top 5 Body Parts for CryoSkin Slimming & Toning

Are you interested in targeting the fat in a specific area of your body, so you can feel more confident while moving into summer? We love to promote full-body health, but the reality is that working out will never spot reduce fat. Our CryoSkin technology will freeze the fat off your body in the exact area you’d like to improve. Here are five of the most popular body parts that our clients opt for when receiving CryoSkin services:

CryoSkin Brazilian Butt Lift

1. Butt

Whether you want to slim your booty down or reduce cellulite, CyroSkin technology can help give you the butt you’re striving for. Our CyroToning will boost blood circulation and collagen in your booty if you struggle with cellulite but still want to keep your booty plump. This won’t shrink the size of your bum, but it will reduce cellulite.

If you’re specifically looking to shrink the size of your bum, our CyroSlimming will directly target the stubborn fat in the area. We’ll freeze your fat cells— making your booty smaller.

2. Stomach

Our clients love to target the stubborn fat in their stomach area, because who doesn’t want a toned stomach? You can sit back and relax as we gently massage our handheld device across your stomach. You will likely notice results after just one session, but we recommend more than one if you’re looking to see significant results.

3. Arms

Our bodies don’t let us decide where to disperse our fat, so we have many clients who wish to slim their arms. It’s great to do arm workouts to become a stronger individual — but sometimes, the fat in the arms just won’t budge. That’s where our CyroSkin treatments come in and save the day! We want you to look in the mirror and feel confident about your entire body.

4. Thighs

CryoSkin can completely revitalize your thighs! Whether you’re looking to tone them up or shrink them down by killing stubborn fat cells, our clients love their results when using CryoToning or CyroSlimming on their thighs. There’s no need for squats — sit back, relax, and let us create the results you’re looking for.

5. Face and Neck

Do you have a double chin that bothers you? Many of our clients reach out to us because they feel insecure about the pockets of fat underneath their chin. We can take care of that! Our CryoSlimming service will kill those fat cells, making your face look slimmer. Our CryoToning will boost the collagen production in your face and neck — reducing wrinkles while creating a natural lift. You don’t need to go to the extremes of cosmetic surgery when you can choose this effective alternative route with no downtime.

If you’ve heard that there isn’t a quick fix to losing weight, those days are over. New technology like CryoSkin gives us the ability to help you contour your body — leaving you with instant results after the first treatment. So if you’re looking for fat weight loss in the Fairmont area, reach out to us today. We want to help you love every inch of your body!

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