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The Power Couple

The Re"New You" Detox Experience

Let’s talk Seaweed Detox … what’s the skinny???

Seaweed is not just for Sushi anymore this has become a game changer in Skincare!

The benefits include assisting in the health and function of the Thyroid, Anti-Inflammatory properties, lots of Antioxidants, also Antimicrobial and last but certainly not least its Anti-Aging abilities.

Our Seaweed body wrap paired with CryoSkin Slimming will be your secret weapon to a full body reset by looking and feeling your best. This experience helps with the texture and appearance of the skin as well as rids the body of excess fluids and toxins. Body Wraps are a great method to boost the lymphatic system and metabolism and are an excellent complimentary service to our Cryoskin Slimming to increase inches lost. CryoSkin Slimming treat areas of the body by freezing and killing fat cells a treatment is typically performed on areas of the body such as the arms, stomach, back, and thighs. A typical slimming treatment will start with 2 minutes of heating to the problem area, followed by 12 minutes of freezing, and ends with an additional 2 minutes of heating. These three phases create thermal shock which can naturally help destroy fat cells!

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