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The Difference Between CyroSlimming and CyroToning

Are you looking to instantly lose stubborn fat or tone specific areas of your body? Modern-day technology has allowed us to lose weight and tone our bodies quicker and more effectively than ever before. CryoSlimming and CyroToning are both versions of cryotherapy, utilizing cold temperatures to immediately freeze stubborn fat cells. CyroSlimming and CyroToning are body toning techniques that result in weight loss, but it’s important to be informed about the differences to find the right fit for you:

What is CyroSlimming?

CyroSlimming is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that will freeze the fat off your body. A Thrive Cyro Spa professional will glide a handheld device over the designated area to warm it up — lasting for approximately two minutes. This process will bring the fat cells closer to the surface of the skin. The applicator will become cold after two minutes of heat — which will send your body into a thermal shock. You will feel relaxed as the professional glides the cold handheld device over your body for approximately thirteen minutes. You’ll feel especially relaxed knowing that your fat cells are dying without too much effort on your part!

Lauren, a Thrive Cyro Spa professional, admits that CyroSlimming can be used wherever you feel you’d like to lose fat: “We can do pretty much any area. We do a lot of the abdomen area; we do lots of legs. We can do back, arms, face, feet, and we have a Brazilian butt lift.”

What is CyroToning?

If you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily need to lose fat but would like to tone your skin — CyroToning is the best option for you. The process for CyroToning is quite similar to CyroSlimming, but there’s no heat involved with this one. CyroToning focuses on your stubborn cellulite that doesn’t seem to diminish no matter how much you try. The cold temperatures will stimulate blood flow, encouraging your body to produce collagen in that targeted area. Your body’s natural collagen production will get rid of the stubborn cellulite that you’d like to target!

Which Should You Choose?

The main differentiator between these Cryoskin treatments is that one is meant to slim down fat in a targeted area — while the other is intended to tone a targeted area. Both of these treatments involve multiple visits for long-lasting results!

Lauren, a Thrive Cyro Spa professional, says that patients can expect no downtime with both options: “People ask if there’s downtime with this, but the great thing is that it’s non-invasive. You can do pretty much anything you want to after — they can go run a marathon! The only thing we recommend is eating no carbs or sugar for two hours afterward and staying hydrated.”

If you’re looking to receive a Cyroskin treatment that will give you a boost of confidence, contact Thrive Cyro Spa to see how we can help you accomplish your weight loss goals.

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