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Lose Inches Off Your Waist in 30 Minutes

Summer is on the horizon — and it will be here before you know it. If you’re worried about taking on bikini season after months of quarantine, you’re not alone. While working out and eating healthy are great options to lose weight over an extended period, cryolipolysis will help you lose weight immediately. When it comes to West Virginia cyro services, Thrive Cyro Spa is the best in the business. We want to help you lose weight quickly and effectively. Here’s how cryolipolysis will instantly shave inches off your waist:

What is Cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical procedure that freezes the fat off your body. If you want to shed a few pounds without going under the knife, cryolipolysis is the perfect alternative for you. This sculpting method is meant for those who don’t need surgical procedures to achieve the results they’re looking for. Cryolipolysis is not meant for those who are overweight. Instead, cryolipolysis is intended to spot reduce stubborn areas of fat that have not responded to a healthy diet and exercise.

How Does Cryo Work?

A hand-held applicator is used to freeze the targeted area of fatty deposits. The tool will freeze the fat, subsequently injuring the fat cells. The magic actually happens when the fat cells are killed by your body’s inflammatory response to the freezing temperatures. You will begin to see results just a few weeks after receiving cryolipolysis, so you’ll be ready for summer in no time.

What Are the Advantages of Cryo?

  • Non-surgical

  • Little to no downtime

  • Low-risk procedure

  • Long-lasting results

  • More than one area of the body can be treated within a single session

  • Available 20 minutes from Morgantown, WV

Spot Reducing

While exercising is great for your body, it’s impossible to spot reduce fat in areas that you would like to target specifically. You could do intense leg workouts every day without seeing the results you want — that’s just the way it works with exercise. Very Well Fit details why spot reducing doesn’t work. The fitness website says that your genes, hormones, gender, body type, body composition, diet, and other factors determine where and when the fat comes off.

Here’s the good news: the purpose of cryolipolysis is to spot reduce stubborn fat in certain areas of your body. Cryolipolysis utilizes modern science to combat other variables that may be the reason that certain areas of fat are still holding on. So if you’re looking to spot reduce fat, the best method to use is cryolipolysis.

Try Cryo Yourself

If you’re looking for cryotherapy in West Virginia, look no further than Thrive Cyro Spa. This Fairmont med spa offers various services, but our Cryoskin services are increasingly popular because our patients love the fantastic results that require little to no effort. It’s time to say goodbye to the struggle of trying to spot reduce your fat through intense workouts — so, have a seat in our chair to freeze the fat off your body easily. You know what they say: work smarter, not harder.

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