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How Does Fat Freezing Work?

Losing weight is directly related to being healthy, and for some people feeling rather more confident. Cathy Nonas, the spokesperson of The American Diabetic Association, said that the first ten percent of the weight that you lose significantly improves your health. Moreover, it also allows you to feel less self-conscious and brings out the best in you.

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Being overweight can demotivate and decrease self esteem as well as give rise to various diseases like high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, and diabetes.

However, the stubborn adipose tissue might need fat removal procedures to ultimately eliminate them, which involves invasive cosmetic surgeries, liposuction, and non-invasive therapies done by waves and injections.

Fat Freezing with CryoSkin or Cryotherapy is a process that became quite common after celebrities struggling with weight talked about it. Moreover, researchers have mentioned that this is perhaps more popular among women, especially since Khloe Kardashian and Gemma Collins opted for it.

Fat Freezing at Thrive Cryospa is also much preferred since it’s a non-surgical process.

People believe it’s a much “safer” process as compared to liposuction. Studies have proven that people, especially women, have mentioned that opting for Cryolipolysis was their best decision as the results allowed them to feel more bold, confident, and radiant.

It allowed them to love their bodies and brought about a lot of happiness. A woman mentioned that this process for her was like an ecstasy drug that made her feel nothing but happiness.

Moreover, this process also adds to humans’ success rate, as happier and more confident people are more successful in life as happiness puts life in balance. It allows the human body to perform its best, which results in a person’s success.

Cryolipolysis or cool sculpting is more commonly known as Fat Freezing. It is a non-invasive process, which acts as an alternative to surgical fat removal processes like liposuction. It allows you to lose weight without having to go under the knife.

It is exactly how it sounds. In this process, fat cells in a targeted region selected by the patient are frozen for a specific period of time to reduce them. It is compulsory for the patients to sit upright for at least two hours, allowing cooling paddles to suction the skin, which results in the crystallization of the fat cells. This allows the professional to freeze fat.

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Cells that can easily be damaged are chosen and are then damaged with the help of the cold temperatures. This first results in inflammation and then causes the cells to die. No anesthesia or sedation is required for the process. Moreover, multiple areas can be targeted in a single session. This process results in minimum damage to the body.

What’s best is that you don’t need to take a break from your daily life activities after the treatment. Lastly, this procedure can safely be carried out on people of all ages without much risk.

Is Fat Freezing Successful?

Now the most frequently asked, and perhaps the most important question is that “Does Fat Freezing really work?”

Well, if the process is carried out by a professional carefully and safely, then indeed it does really work. But, what should be kept in mind is that the outcome varies within people as everyone has a different body type and mechanisms. Hence, results are not to be compared as they are usually different for every person.

Moreover, in order to vividly notice a change, you must give it some time as most results become noticeable after a few weeks and sometimes even months. On the bright side, studies have shown that Fat Freezing is indeed an effective process, and the results have allowed so many patients to feel much more confident and comfortable with their bodies.

Is Fat Freezing Permanent?

Scientifically Fat Freezing is so far a permanent process where the results last for about a lifetime. But, it is mandatory for the patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of their diets. Moreover, they should be exercising and working out on a daily basis.

The process itself is only suggested to those groups of people who have an already maintained and balanced healthy diet and lifestyle. This process provides them with the required finishing touches to their shape, making the process most effective and allows them to maintain their results properly.

[H2] What Are The Side Effects Of Fat Freezing?

Whether surgical or non-surgical, every process comes with side effects, as we are externally modifying the natural human body by artificial means.

  1. Within the 2-hour duration, while the process is being carried out, it is common for the patient to feel as if their skin is being tugged or perhaps pulled.

  2. Patients might experience a stinging sensation or pain at the site of the treatment.

  3. The skin where the treatment is done may become sensitive and irritated, causing temporary redness along with swelling and sometimes even bruising.

  4. Another relatively rare side effect may be paradoxical adipose hyperplasia, where the fat cells increase in size rather than shrinking and dissolving. This side effect is found to occur mostly in men.

What Are Some Facts About Fat Freezing That Everyone Should Be Aware Of?

Fat Freezing will never enable you to get rid of all your fat. It reduces only about 25% of your fat, and the change is never noticeable instantly. In order to feel and observe the results, you must give yourself a few weeks or a month.

Moreover, Fat Freezing definitely does not mean that you will never gain weight again. It is essential that you maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle; otherwise, you will have to work hard and undergo more procedures to lose weight.

The best and most recommended areas where cool sculpting should be carried out are:

  • The upper arms.

  • Inner and outer thighs.

  • The area below the chin.

  • The stomach.

  • Back.

  • The area below the hips.

These are the most commonly troubled areas among people, and the treatment here is most effective and brings about a noticeable change.

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