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Cryoskin Versus Cool Sculpting

If you’re looking for easy weight loss, you may have come across both Cyroksin and cool sculpting treatment options. Both of these methods are fat-freezing treatments that produce similar results, so what’s the difference? Let’s break down the difference between these two weight loss methods:

CryoSkin Timeframe

Cool sculpting sessions last approximately one to three hours per session. Cyroskin sessions are significantly shorter — ranging from twenty to thirty minutes per session. If you’re someone who doesn’t prefer to feel cold for an extended period of time, Cyroskin therapy is the best option for you. You will most likely need to receive multiple treatments of Cyroskin therapy to achieve your desired results, but the sessions are considerably shorter than cool sculpting sessions.

Cryo Skin Body Contouring Price

The most significant difference between Cyroskin and cool sculpting is the price. Cool sculpting is known to be expensive as it’s a one-and-done treatment. After you receive the one treatment that lasts several hours, you will (hopefully) achieve the results you’re looking to see. Cool sculpting will cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 for the single treatment.

Cyroskin is impressively cheaper than the alternative. This method requires a few different appointments — but this depends on the patient’s body and goals. Cyroskin appointments cost approximately $350 for a single session. Whether a patient needs a few sessions to completely get rid of the fat or just a couple of sessions to target a small area, Cyroskin is still the more cost-effective option.

Comfort of Cryoskin

When receiving a cool sculpting treatment, the patient must lie still for an extended period while a stationary instrument works to kill the fat. This process is quite uncomfortable — many patients claim that they experienced pain during their treatment.

On the other hand, Cyroskin treatments do not require a stationary tool that sucks the fat up for several hours. The quick treatments involve a technician slowly moving a device across the body’s targeted areas — and you can target multiple areas per session! The slow movements around the body make for a relaxing treatment instead of a painful one.


Cyroskin treatments are incredibly customizable because the tool used for these treatments is mobile. You also don’t need to spend a lot of money if you only want to treat a few areas over a few sessions.

Cool sculpting isn’t customizable at all. The patient must determine where they would like to receive the treatment — and only one area of the body is targeted per session. Remember: each cool sculpting session will run you thousands of dollars.

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