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3 Summer Body Tips to Look Good in your Swimsuit

Summer is right around the corner — so it’s time to get your summer bodies ready! If you’re looking to lose fat fast so you can look your best in a swimsuit, you’re not alone. The pandemic was tough on our minds and bodies, but there’s finally a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time to get your sunscreen, swimsuit, and sunglasses out so you can enjoy the warmer weather with your friends again. Here are three tips you can use to get your body ready for summer:

1. Prioritize a Healthy Breakfast and Lunch

We understand how incredibly hard it can be to cut out carbs or sugar — which is why we never suggest it. All-or-nothing mentalities are super unhealthy for our minds and bodies!

One of the best things you can do to prepare your body for summer (healthily and sustainably) would be prioritizing a healthy breakfast and lunch.

While we all loved a good late-night snack during the colder months, it’s time to let go of those if you want to have an incredible summer body that you feel proud of.

Shape Magazine spoke with Paul Arciero, D.P.E., nutrition and exercise science professor at Skidmore College, who recommends that large meals be eaten before 3 PM.

While you could still eat after that, small meals are recommended because your body will not process the food as quickly as it does before that benchmark.

2. Move Your Body

Take at least 30 minutes every day to move your body in some way. You don’t have to commit to intense cardio workouts, but taking the time to set aside 30 minutes specifically to focus on your body will be highly beneficial.

Even just stretching your body for 30 minutes on days you’re not feeling like a full-fledged workout will help increase your blood flow and circulation.

Your body will begin to transform if you take 30 minutes each day to do activities like walking your dog around the neighborhood, having a solo dance party, or stretching it out.

3. Get a CyroSkin Treatment

If you’re looking to lose fat fast for an upcoming event or summer vacation, you could opt to receive a CryroSkin treatment for immediate results.

If you choose this route, you won’t have to dedicate your time or energy to keep up with a healthier lifestyle that will gradually give you weight loss.

CyroSkin treatments are incredibly popular — because why work hard and wait for a summer body when new technology can give you instant results? CrysoSkin will quite literally freeze the fat off your body.

Some people have specific areas that they would like to tone — but you can’t ‘spot reduce’ when working out. The only way you can ‘spot reduce’ is to receive a fat-freezing treatment that utilizes a tool on a specific part of your body: freezing the fat right off.

Summer will be here before you know it — so it’s time to get your summer body ready!

Visit our Fairmont, WV spa to lose weight with the CryoSkin machine. We can do facials and more. West Virginia's #1 Cryo. Morgantown West Virginia and 30 mile radius from Fairmont.

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