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Thrive Cryo Spa was founded June 2019 by Chris Baratz and Kelsey Zischkau. Thrive Cryo Spa’s mission is to help individuals reach their beauty and wellness goals! At Thrive we believe in the importance of meaningful consultations with your service professionals so we can best understand your goals and customize your treatments!


We are consistently researching the most innovative and cutting-edge treatments available to offer our clients at Thrive! Right now, we offer Cryoskin treatments, which is an excellent solution to kill fat, lose inches fast and tone stubborn areas! In addition, we offer skincare treatments completely customized to each client, lash extensions, lift and tint, and Men’s Grooming.


You can read more about each of these services in the services tab. Every decision we make is to make you look and feel your ultimate best!

Thrive Cryo Spa Office Fairmont West Virginia

Our Team

Chris Baratz


Chris owns multiple self-care franchises and brings his expertise to deliver an insurmountable self-care experience to Fairmont's community.

Kelsey Zischkau


Kelsey has always been dedicated to bringing the most innovative and effective treatments to the area! Her passion to stay current and educated in this growing field should reassure you that at Thrive your standards will always be met and even surpassed. Her desire to always stay on trend in this ever-changing industry is a driving force for the Thrive Team to ensure the best services are always provided.

Lauren Thomas


As a Licensed Esthetician, Lauren has devoted her career to always being up to date on the latest trends in the beauty and wellness industry to offer her clients the top care! She is always focused on educating herself on the most efficacious treatments designed to help her clients look and feel their best! At Thrive, Lauren offers Cryoskin Treatments, Advanced Skincare services, and Lash Extensions!  

Jessica Valentine


As a Licensed Massage Therapist, Jessica is dedicated to always providing the best care and attention to her clients. She is devoted to always providing the best treatment to make her clients look and feel their best! At Thrive, Jess offers Cryoskin Treatments and Customized Body Wraps! 

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